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This in-depth novel has been created for the purpose of resolving physiological, and emotional issues regarding aerobic, and anaerobic exercise.  This novel, Exercise / Exorcism is not just about exercise.
The information herein is not intended as medical advice, rather it was developed to initiate self-esteem, instill confidence, and inspire positive attitudes toward an ideal lifestyle. For certain, this novel aids in attaining positive transformation. In essence, the context herein has been specifically developed to put an end to needless suffering due to the lack of understanding of what it takes to make the body, mind and spirit tick. This includes physiological fitness, quitting smoking, losing weight, and spiritual rejuvenation. Have you ever wondered why it is that people don't like to exercise? Well, as a practicing hypnotherapist, I can tell you this firsthand: Mostly, it is due to false thinking that it will drain their energy. But that is just not the case. In fact, the opposite is true:

The more one participates in exercising, the more the body becomes energized. The surge of energy one feels right after exercising is one of extreme elation, and rejuvenation - especially if it has been a while since participating. Yes, at some point while exercising it could be described as a mild form of exorcism. Read More About This in the INTRODUCTION

Exercising, whether aerobic, or anaerobic, on any level tends to create a mellowing, calming parasympathetic response. It is that natural high that causes the release of endorphins, or natural opiates, to enter the blood stream. Exercise also releases hormones that have been known to slow down, and even reverse the aging process. Combined with deep breathing, even minimal exercise can influence the physical body, thereby preventing it from aging too soon. Physiologically, the person who exercises will eventually become so invigorated it would seem as though an exorcism has actually been performed. Although I am a practicing hypnotherapist I have spent many years using body building methods and developing exercise regimens in the past. Over the years I have incorporated them to inspire my clients to exercise.
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This logical explanation, while never expressed in writing my new novel before now, was the reason for coming up with the title called EXERCISE / EXORCISM


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The idea, here, is to get persons to the point where they will look forward to doing exercises, rather than dreading to do them. Developing a healthy attitude toward exercise must become the inspiration that will eventually lead to feeling that life is worth living. Surprisingly, you will find that during a short period of time you will begin feeling less depressed while becoming more excited about getting up each new day. Then, much to your amazement, you will find it such that you have become reborn, where even the feeling that you’ve been exorcised becomes apparent. And what exactly does exorcism do? It frees the spirit – as, so too, does physical exercise.

Ladies and gentlemen, even if it is only as little as motivational walking, exercise is exactly what it takes to have your innate spirit become enabled, ready, willing and eager to face life’s unpredictable challenges. Please consider the undertakings of this expert advise so that you will become enabled, rather than allowing dementia to set in, or even having to face the possibility of becoming disabled. Why allow shortsightedness to inhibit your mental and physical state by inviting negativity to sabotage your way of life? Why not consider assigning a harmless, healthy exorcism to remove your fears, or grudges, against physical exercise?

Why is it feasible that exercise could act as a form of exorcism? Think about it: Since the term exorcism became derived out of a Catholic ritual for removing evil spirits, wouldn't it make sense that some form of positive belief system would be able to remove, or prevent, the spirit from aging prematurely? And wouldn't it follow that doing nothing to instill inspiration, enthusiasm, or a positive attitude, would be the same as hindering the development of the psyche? What I am actually saying here is that the privilege of being able to indulge in exercise must be, in and of itself, a blessing. Let us now begin working toward a new kind of supportive belief system.

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